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Francis Joshua Micah Bangalie is the Medical Superintendent of Bo Children’s hospital.

Responsibilities at BCH
·       Supervise the day to day operations of Bo Children’s hospital. 
·       Doing daily ward rounds, seeing patients and do admission for very sick children.  Operate on those with surgical conditions like hernias, appendicitis, acute abdomen. 
·       Make requisitions for medical equipment and drugs for the hospital, monitor equipment, machinery, medicine and surgical items. 
·       To ensure the hospital is well staffed.
·       To ensure the finances of the hospital is well managed.
·       Represent the hospital as the need may arise or appoint someone to make a representation, for the development of the hospital to other institutions.
·       Conduct internal trainings for the staff, in order capacitate the staff. 
·       Organize monthly meetings. And emergency meetings when necessary.
·       Any other duty given to me by the consultant doctor and the board with donor partners.

Personal Background
I was born on the 15th October1983.

I started my primary school in 1989 and entered secondary school in 1996. Upon completion of my secondary school education in 2003 I sat to the West African senior Secondary Examination with good grades that allowed me to enter university in October 2006 where I studied community health and clinical sciences. I graduated as Community Health Officer {CHO}/ Physician Assistance {PA} in June 2010. During my training I was posted to various District hospitals. Upon completion of my four years course, I first worked with the Agape Way Christian Fellowship Clinic as a Head in Charge, then I worked with Medical Research Center {MRC} as field supervisor.

I gained employment with BCH in 2012 as community health Officer. I worked from the first day of opening BCH with Vandi Sombie. Since then I have worked in the BCH pharmacy, consult patients, administration of iv,im, oral medication. I applied for and was accepted for the Surgical Training Program in Masanga in the northern Part of Sierra Leone,  I now have surgical skills which I have started doing herniorrhaphy at BCH.  The surgical Training Program {STP} is an ongoing program for CHOs and Medical Officers.     

I am married with four children. I lost a brother in 2016, I lost my father in2018, I have lost my youngest brother in 2020, my mother is still alive though old, she gave birth to 9 children, 5 boys and 4 girls, 4 of us have survived.      

Francis is well known to the local community and to many of the patients that have visited BCH over the years.