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Dr Wusu Sannoh is Chairman of the Board of the Bo Children’s Hospital in Sierra Leone.

His background has been Senior Lecturer in Chemistry at Njala University. He then settled in Bo and became Red Cross District Chair in 2000-2008.

Wusu was Mayor of Bo for 2 terms. The Bo City Council Head Quarters building is named after him - the Dr Wusu Sannoh Building. He also became the first President of the Local Councils Association of Sierra Leone.

Wusu has been with the hospital since 2014 and has been instrumental for overseeing the management and structure of the hospital. It is his dedication and commitment that helped the hospital through Ebola and, more recently, Covid 19. He was involved in the negotiations when the hospital was used as a Covid centre for 6 months and is now responsible for the return as a children’s hospital.

We are deeply indebted to Dr Wusu Sannoh for his untiring and dedicated work in managing the hospital and for ensuring the ongoing success of Bo Childrens Hospital.